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We have various services regarding transportation, we have not found a client we couldnt assist within our service catergories

Corporate chauffeuring

From airpot transfers, to scheduled appointments and business meetings. On Time, Safely and Service with a smile

Private chauffeuring

Last minute shopping before the holiday, in and out of malls?Lets us get you around without the hassle of worrying about parking

A night out with the boyz/ladies?

Let us drive both you and your vehicle home safely, without the hassle of avoiding roadblocks and risking your life and those on the road


Tailored Services

Every company and person is different, why should the service you receive be any different? Prime Drive will tailor make their service to your needs.

Team Building

We cater for your staff's team building execises, getting them to the venue or venues on safely,on time and together.

Corporate & Private Events

We will place an agreed amount of drivers at your functions Venue, and for an agree period of time, will drive your gust home, in their own vehicles or

About us

Prime Drive is one of South Africa’s largest designated driver and chauffeur based companies. Our main focus is assisting clients with their transportation needs in the best possible way.

Prime Drive opened its doors for business in 2011. The founders, Andrew Jooste and Kirshan Ruthunsamy, had a common goal, TO CONTRIBUTE TO ROAD SAFETY. PRIME DRIVE continued to grow, increasing the awareness of safe driving on our roads.

In 2013, Prime Drive was joined by 2 irreplacable forces, Shivani Jooste and Robyn Naidoo, who shared in the vision of the directors, they aimed, reached and surpassed expectations, leading the company into the corporate market, by providing professional, quality and reliable Chauffeur service for the "suits" and "party animals" alike



Our Team




Customer Satisfaction


Our Portfolio

From past to present, Prime Drive has catered to the needs of each individual client. We have provided daily chauffeurs,luxury coaches and mini busses as well as driving clients in their own personal vehicles to their destinations when they themselves are unable to.

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Meet The Team

The directors of Prime Drive are not only the owners, but are the faces of the business. We want your help you real your goals, and how we intend on achiving that is by simply getting involved. Our directors will regularly step in and personally chaufeur you.

Kirsh Ruthunsamy

CEO & Founder

Kirsh "No Problem" Ruthunsamy, is "That Guy" who never lets obstacles stop him. he is the technical part of the business that gets things done. Steming from the Security industry, He always finds the ideal solution in the most challenging situations

Andrew Jooste

CEO & Founder

Andrew "Mr Logic" Jooste, is the "Brains" of Prime Drive. An analythical thinker who constantly works on every idea with the most precise details. He has an unbreakable drive and Passion for reaching new heights.

Shivani Jooste

Managing Member

shivani "Speedy" Jooste, has earned her title with her ability to manage multiple projects consecutively, with no failure on delivery on deadlines. Her ability to highly effecient to everything in her care makes her a vaulable assest to Prime Drive.

Robyn Naidoo

Managing Member

Robyn "The Tailor" Naidoo, is the force been all creative works within Prime Drive. Her years of experience in marketing and creative works, puts the style and class that defines the image of Prime Drive. She is the perfect ingridient for the Prime Drive receipe.


Corporate Business


Individual Clients


Renewal Rate


Fast Support

Special Services

Prime Drive offers a special line of services through its other Affliated Company, Kasro Events

Conference Catering

Office or Corporate functions, let us cater to your tase buds, custom menus.


Venue And Decor

Location makes the venue, Decor creates the everlasting memory

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